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BEYOND Ally Anderson

Beyond Brave

A simple little cough was the beginning of her ordeal
At first just ignored thinking time would heal
She had no time to be ill being a busy mum
Little did she know what was to come

She had now begun her biggest fight
Little knowing survival would need all her might
Her life suddenly hanging in the balance with the odds very low
Such remarkable courage she must now show

A healthy young woman struck down in her prime
Why had this happened, it was not her time
Faced with the worst news that one could possibly hear
Surrounded by her family and those she held dear

An air ambulance summoned on a mercy flight
Her family and friends with their fingers crossed tight
Good fortune, technology and an ECMO machine
Had saved the life of our dear Corinne

Her survival however came at a terrible cost
Her hands and feet she had now lost
Her battle to survive she had certainly won
Rebuilding her life had just begun

Remarkable people like Corinne never lie down
They don’t mump and moan or cry and frown
They don’t feel self-pity or on the past do they dwell
She is one of a kind that is easy to tell

Her son Rory no doubt her greatest inspiration
For the long road ahead on her rehabilitation
To be the best mum for Rory is her ultimate aim
Her outlook is fantastic no one does she blame

A bionic mum of whom he can be proud
She will always be there for him this she has vowed
Her football skills are improving and she has such drive
To be the best mum in the world she will always strive

Her selflessness in adversity is an example to us all
She now thinks of others despite her own fall
“Finding Your Feet” was born with others in mind
What a remarkable woman and so incredibly kind

I was honoured to hear her speak at the recent charity dinner
The whole audience knew that she was a winner
From the depths of despair to the stage at the hotel
What is next for Corinne only time will tell

The sky is the limit and she knows no boundary
She is made of steel straight from the foundry
An inspiration to us all of what one can achieve
The human spirit is amazing I do now believe

To Mum, Dad, Davy, Scott and the rest of the crew
Your Corinne is amazing although this you all knew
With her strength and yours together her life has been saved
What a terrible time you all have braved

With the many challenges Corinne has yet to face
I know she will press on with a smile on her face
Her charity grows stronger with the passing days
To help others like her is what she now prays

To think of others when her own world was black
Is a measure of a lady that never looks back
Her battles will continue and struggles she will endure
She will never be beaten for that I am sure

With an insatiable appetite for life that will never diminish
She is a woman on a mission that will never finish
I wish her strength and happiness every step of the way
From her mission I know she will never stray



Corinne In Hospital :( – David Hutton Blog Entry

‘Corinne in hospital with pneumonia, under control’ the text message said. I was in the sunshine in the parade at the village gala day…June 8th 2013.

As I reach the hospital my mum sits alone in the hospital room. She is in tears and is exhausted. She has just driven with my dad from Devon where they’d been on holiday. I take one look at my sister connected to an assortment of machines and i know instantly it’s bad.

Having persuaded my parents that it’s all under control I manage to get them to go home and get some rest. I can see the relief in my mum’s eyes, ‘Davy says it’s ok’. …. the pit of my stomach was telling me it wasn’t.

I set about finding out what all the machines were doing…I learn quickly.

Temperature’s at 42, I know inside she’s literally cooking. In desperation they transfuse frozen blood into her to cool her…no-one knows what’s causing it. ‘You know she’s very sick Davy,don’t you?’ ” Of course I know she’s fucking sick,make her not sick!” I’m shouting,demanding, pleading. I can see the life leaving her hands and feet, travelling up her limbs in a kind of death march. Suddenly her temperature drops, it’s the first sign of hope. Its 1am I phone my brother in Dubai. ‘do I need to get on a plane Davy?’ he asks. My forehead is against the corridor wall….’yes Scobe, you do’ I hate myself for saying it out loud. Within 2 hours my brother is on the Emirates flight to Glasgow. Emirates are a very helpful airline. He texts to say he’s on the plane just as Doctor Brian tells me her temperature has started to rocket. She’s trying to die, we still don’t know why. I’m glad my brother doesn’t know this bit. ‘can you keep her alive until he gets here?’ I ask Brian. I train in the gym with him…he knows Cor. Nurses and doctors are visibly upset, no-one has gone home, more have come in, everyone is included in the brainstorming, including me. Think ffs!  Within the hour the hospital phone my parents and tell them they should come in immediately.

They go to collect Russell, Corinne’s husband,I think they still don’t understand the situation. They would within the hour, and it’s horrible to watch the reality grab them. As my folks arrive, I’m a wee boy again. I remember crying ‘I can’t save her mum’ . It was the first time I wasn’t in control of myself since I was a child. I’m in bits. I see my mum’s eyes and get a grip of myself. We have a 5 year old boy to look after now…focus.

Kate dumps Huckleberry with Pete and Tam, he has a karate exam that morning (Huck, not Pete, Pete’s rubbish at Karate). I phone Emma in Dubai, Janey and Elaine…I speak to Maggie in Texas, Lynne in Seattle, George in Ireland, everyone heads for an aeroplane, we’re a tight crowd that way. My phone starts to ring constantly. Scott, Nigel in Dublin, Ally Common in Dubai, ‘What the fuck Davy?!’ To a man they say the same things, genuine and distraught. I take all the calls and I’m glad of them all. It’s like knowing everyone is in the room with me, I have great friends. I phone Mo ,this one is difficult. Fabio answers, I can hear Mo , she knows why I’m calling..’NOOOOO…NOOOOO!’ She refuses to take the handset..her noises are horrible, like a wounded animal, an unnatural howl.  She has to say goodbye, I have to go and get her. It takes me 15 minutes to get there, Karen is there, Alan comes in. Alan is a medical man, he’s been in contact all night with me and the doctors. Everyone was involved in the brainstorm. I drive back, prepare wee Mo for what she will see. We enter the room, Kate is stroking Cor’s arm and as usual is in command, she’s very capable. Pauline the doctor looks at me, she has tears running down her cheeks…’there’s a unit in Leicester Davy, they’re sending a plane for her. They’re on their way.’ In a fraction of a second I experience disbelief, euphoria,panic…my knees give out. Will she survive the flight, the procedure….my brother arrives. take us to Leicester someone, there’s some fight left in my sister.

Huck passes his karate exam and we pass the 24hr mark.

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